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Based on the premise that every human being has a unique gift to share with the world, Inspire Santa Fe invites young people (aged 11-19) to identify an interest that they are deeply drawn to, and matches them with a community expert. Together, the adult mentor and the youth protégé embark on an eight-month exploration of their shared interest—painting, auto mechanics, law, medicine, martial arts, mountaineering, and myriad others.

Inspire Santa Fe is drawn from a model of transformative mentoring created by educator Paquita Hernandez over 30 years ago. This type of mentoring has changed the lives of thousands of protégés and mentors in New Mexico, first through a statewide program called Celebrate Youth!, and more recently through still vibrant programs at Monte del Sol Charter School and The Master’s Program Charter School in Santa Fe.

Now, in close collaboration and with major support from Mayor Gonzales and the City of Santa Fe, the non-profit organizations SEED and the Academy for the Love of Learning have come together to share Inspire Santa Fe with over 100 youth participants and adult volunteers from across our community each year. With experiential learning practices fashioned at the Academy, we will be helping mentors and protégés look at how they can develop rich learning relationships, and how these relationships touch and change their lives.

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