Source for Educational Empowerment and Community Development


Geoffrey Moon In his role as a gifted education specialist with Santa Fe Public Schools, Geoffrey Moon supports identification of high performing and high potential students and programs to help them develop their talents. His professional interests include creativity, disadvantaged populations, and program design. He spends his time outside school cooking for and playing with his wife and two children (one of whom REALLY enjoyed this mentoring program). When they get sick of him, he works with the New Mexico Association for the Gifted, writes, lights plays, mixes music, and cyphers at math problems.

Christian E. Casillas is a native Santa Fean and a freelance educator and scientist, who has been involved in education, design, and implementation of renewable energy projects in schools and communities in the United States, Central and South America, India, and Africa. He continues to support Inspire Santa Fe by providing evaluation and consultation services to the program.

Tony Gerlicz is an educator who started two schools in Santa Fe, New Mexico and led two schools internationally, in Santiago, Chile and the American School of Warsaw, Poland. He believes Nelson Mandela, who said: “Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world.” He was born in Argentina of Polish refugees, lives in Santa Fe with his wife Diane, and has two children and one grandchild.

Canton Becker designs and maintains inspireconnect, Inspire's innovative online database and journaling system.

Alan Hamilton holds a BA in Mythological Studies from Colorado College, an MA in Liberal Arts Education from Saint John’s College, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. His professional work has been quite varied, including many years working as a psychologist, house builder, marketing consultant and community organizer around river conservation and other environmental issues. One of Dr. Hamilton’s strengths is his ability to find interdisciplinary connections that bring new perspectives and possibilities to difficult situations. Along with his family, the cultures, rivers and landscapes of New Mexico have become primary sources of inspiration which motivate and inform his work.

Zach Taylor  has merged The MASTERS Program Charter High School's mentorship program--which he founded--into Inspire Santa Fe to help make the program possible. He continues to facilitate mentorships, as well as provide program vision and evaluation.

Mikey Baker,
an incredible local musician and entreperneur, was Inspire's first official mentor in 2014-2015, and continues to help coordinate performing arts and events.

Seth Biderman is currently located in Washington, DC, where he is the principal of a charter school, but continues to support Inspire Santa Fe while also investigating efforts to disseminate Inspire to other communities. Seth was "mentored" into mentorship learning by Paquita Hernandez, with whom he led the Monte del Sol Mentorship Program from 2006-2008. A teacher with 9 years experience with pre-schoolers to adult learners, Seth is a graduate of Brown University, where he worked with the late Professor Ted Sizer, and holds an Ed.S in Educational Leadership (May, 2017).

Aaron Stern is the president and founder of the Academy for the Love of Learning - the co-founder of Inspire Santa Fe - and has long held the vision of an out-of-school learning network and mentor learning workshops, key elements of today's Inspire Santa Fe. Aaron conceived the Academy with famed musician Leonard Bernstein, and serves as its President. As educational leader of the Academy, Aaron designed and directs the Academy's core curriculum and foundational program, Leading by Being®. Aaron is a composer, teacher, and internationally recognized consultant on learning. He conducts consultancies and seminars throughout the United States and in Europe, and is a board member of the Mind & Life Institute.

Kristin Sky Hollenbeck

President / Chief Executive Officer

Kristin Sky Hollenbeck has been serving in the health and wellness community for over 20 years. A student of Physical Therapy at Ithaca College in New York and a graduate of the New Mexico Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, she has worked in Physical Therapy with a primary focus on quadriplegic rehabilitation. With fifteen years devoted to Elder and end-of-life care, her experience and knowledge cover a broad span of life's ages and stages. In business, Kristin has pursued entrepreneurial careers including coffee shop owner, real estate investor and online export business owner. Kristin is currently a certified Mediator through UNM's Anderson School of Business and is growing her private mediation and alternative dispute resolution practice. A member of Mediators Beyond Boarders International and the Santa Fe Council on International Relations, Kristinhopes to take mediation and mentorship to the global community. She is pursuing further education in restorative justice and elder mediation, while developing a youth conflict prevention and resolution program. 


Todd M. Lopez

Executive Director / Chief Operations Officer

Todd served for the last four years as Executive Director of Siete del Norte, CDC, and New Mexico Area Manager for Chicanos por la Causa, Inc., non-profit organizations dedicated to the long-term strengthening of rural New Mexico communities through education, integrated health and human services, housing, advocacy and economic development. Todd has served on the Board of Directors of several New Mexico non-profit organizations on issues involving youth, education, health and the environment, including the New Mexico Children's Foundation, the Santa Fe Watershed Association, Artworks, Earthcare International and Rio Grande Return.  Prior to working in the non-profit arena, Todd spent more than 10 years in private practice as a natural resource attorney and he continues to maintain a small legal and alternative dispute resolution practice with his partner Sky. Todd graduated from UNM with a bachelor's degree in Earth Sciences and received his JD from UNM Law School with an emphasis in Natural Resources.