SEED NM is a New Mexico nonprofit working to develop new models of sustainable, equitable economic development to benefit all New Mexicans.

Our work focuses on developing and sharing educational resources on what sustainable economic development is, including intersectional issues such as climate change, housing affordability, rural economic development, immigrant entrepreneurship, equitable access to capital, cooperative ownership, democratic governance, and more. 

SEED NM is an affiliate of the American Sustainable Business Network, which works to advance legislation in support of sustainability, equity, and justice from a business perspective.

Below is an overview of how we define the problem and our approach towards finding solutions.

Many small business owners share deep concerns about sustainability within our economic system, but there are few opportunities for these businesspeople to advocate for policies that support sustainability, equity, economic democracy, human-centered prosperity, alternative ownership and financing structures, etc.

Without opportunities to build the power of a collective voice, sustainability-minded small businesses are left out of economic development dialogue and policy development.

The problematic status quo then prevails: 

  • an “us vs. them” mentality between business owners, workers and government/policymakers
  • an overemphasis on the interests of big business, big banks and corporate values
  • lack of diversity among the voices speaking for “small business”
  • lip service to ecological concerns such as  so-called “green growth” strategies that are premised on faulty economic underpinnings.

We aim to bring together small businesses along with community organizations and interested individuals to challenge the paradigm described above. We believe there are many business owners who: 

  • see the the value of aligning their business interests with worker rights
  • don’t buy into the narrative that massive scale is the best way to be in business
  • recognize and value their connections to community and 
  • are energized by the prospect of running their businesses in a way that helps reshape our economy towards sustainability and community wellness.

By bringing a coalition together of sustainability-minded businesses, organizations and individuals, we envision a path forward where our voices and power become a force for real change.