SEED NM began in 2021 with a small group of business owners interested in approaches to economic development that were less about large corporations and more about equity, economic democracy and human-centered prosperity. Recognizing that small, sustainability-minded businesses were underrepresented in economic policy development in New Mexico, we joined forces to help build that sustainable business voice.

We are an unincorporated association (with the ASBN as our fiscal sponsor) led by a Steering Circle. We welcome new members to our Steering Circle and want to hear your concerns, needs and ideas as a small business owner in New Mexico. To get involved, drop us a line.

Steering Circle

Angela Merkert

Sandra McCardell

Sandra McCardell headshot - SEED NM

Sandra has broad experience as a business owner, faculty member, non-profit Director and team member. Over the past three decades, she has engaged in initiatives focused on sustainability through Current-C Energy Systems, Inc, the company she founded in 1989. She has served on the Albuquerque Energy Council since 2018 and is a co-founder of the SouthWest Hemp Cooperative in New Mexico.

Peri Pakroo

Peri Pakroo headshot - SEED NM

Peri is an author, business consultant and media developer with decades of experience working with small, indie businesses and nonprofits. She’s an active advocate for small and creative ventures, and is the founder of Pyragraph. Peri runs a business coaching practice and is the author of several books including The Small Business Start-Up Kit. She is the founder of P-Brain Media, which provides website and technology services to small ventures.

Support Team

SEED NM is supported by P-Brain Media for communications, technology and systems.