Link Roundup: 10/28/21

What exactly do we mean by a “sustainable economy”? Or just the word “sustainable” for that matter? Common meanings for these terms can be elusive, but are important to advance the conversation and create meaningful change.

As noted on our Values & Principles page, our working definition of “sustainable economy” is: An economy that shares prosperity broadly and equitably, protects our natural resources, and encourages human flourishing within ecological limits.

Below are some links that explore different aspects of what “sustainability” means within the context of business and economic development.

From Hannah Grover, NM Political Report: Climate Summit discussions include equitable transition away from fossil fuels

From New Mexico health insurance marketplace: history and news of the state’s exchange | Using bewellNM, instead of, for enrollment in 2022 plans

From the Santa Fe New Mexican: A thriving state economy is inclusive, sustainable and in sight

From Hannah Grover, NM Political Report: Revenue diversification needed as NM looks to transition away from fossil fuels

From Shaun Griswold, NM In Depth: State lawmakers boost efforts to expand broadband

From Karen Mills, Harvard Business School:

From Sarah Horowitz, Forbes: Mutualism and the Next Economy

From The Club of Rome: The Club of Rome calls on EU to adopt wellbeing economics instead of growth at all costs

From Tim Jackson,Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity: Wellbeing Matters: Tackling Growth Dependency

From Indigenous Environmental Network: A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy | Indigenous Environmental Network

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