Public Education and Economic Development in New Mexico

As a small business owner, what are your thoughts on the connections between public education and the economy in New Mexico?

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the connections between public education and economic development in New Mexico! Your perspective as a small business owner is so important and valuable. Using your text and photo, we will create a Photo Quote to share on SEED NM’s social media channels, including a tag for your business. We will provide you with a preview for approval before sharing your Photo Quote.

This outreach is aimed at building awareness of the Permanent School Fund Ballot Question that will be on the ballot in New Mexico for the election on November 8. SEED NM is helping share information only, and is not advocating a yes or no vote on the ballot question.

Please provide a quote, from 1 to 3 sentences long, about the connections you as a business owner see between public education and economic development. As prompts, consider the following questions:

From your perspective as an entrepreneur / small business owner, how could the public school system better support business owners and workers who have school-age children?

How could public schools in NM be better aligned with community-oriented economic development? How could schools support workforce development?

What's your wish list for public schools in New Mexico, especially from your perspective as a small business owner? Feel free to share outside-the-box ideas.

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