Sustainable, Equitable Economic Democracy (SEED)
Virtual Policy Symposium

January 14, 2022
9am – 3:30pm

Do you own a business in New Mexico and consider yourself socially responsible, mission-driven, community-minded or all of the above?

If so, SEED NM invites you to join us.

SEED NM (Sustainable Equitable Economic Democracy NM) is building a sustainable business community in New Mexico, to advocate for urgently needed change in the way we approach economic development. We are eager to connect with businesses of all sizes, from freelancers/solopreneurs to large enterprises.

We are hosting our first event on January 14, 2022 to discuss how to achieve a sustainable, equitable economy in New Mexico that works for all. Our focus will be on defining what we mean by “sustainable and equitable economy,” and advancing a conversation about what policies can help in its development.

This event is your opportunity to be part of the conversation regarding economic development in New Mexico, and what direction it should take. Small, community-oriented businesses are often overshadowed by the interests of large, extractive enterprises. SEED NM aims to amplify the collective voice of sustainability-minded business owners and harness our power for change to benefit our communities.

The Event

The SEED NM Policy Symposium will be held via Zoom January 14, 2022, and will include speakers and panel discussions on how to coordinate and elevate sustainable, equitable and democratic economic development policies and programs at the local, state and national levels.

Our goals for this event are to connect sustainability-minded businesses, policymakers and organizers; advance the conversation around sustainability and economic development; and gain insights to inform SEED NM’s agenda for 2022.

Please register for this free event using the link below.

Sustainable Economy Survey

If you are self-employed (either part-time or full-time) in New Mexico, please fill out our survey to share your perspectives, opinions and needs related to sustainability. The survey is anonymous. We plan to share the results of the survey at the January 14 event.

Take the survey now!

Event Agenda

9am Welcome/Overview

Sandra McCardell, Current-C Energy Systems

Commissioner Adriann Barboa, Bernalillo County Commission

US Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernandez

David Levine, President American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN)

9:30am Plenary Panel 1: Sustainable Equitable Economic Development in NM: What We Heard, Where We Are and Where We Need to Go

Welcome and Legislative Overview — NM State Representative, House Majority Leader Javier Martínez

Results from Survey of NM Small Businesses and Community Members — Eric Griego and Peri Pakroo, SEED NM

State Economic Development Plan and Current Legislation and Proposed for 2022 Session — Sen. Carrie Hamblen, Las Cruces Green Chamber

Albuquerque Sustainable Economy Plan — Damian Lara, Deputy Director, Economic Development Department of Albuquerque

10:30am Plenary Panel 2:  Policy Agenda for SEED in NM

  • Public bank — Angela Merkert, Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity
  • Cooperative ownership models — Robin Seydel, Board Member, Cooperative Catalyst NM
  • Climate Justice/Just Transition — Josue de Luna, Center for Civic Policy
  • Access to broadband — Matt Schmit, Broadband Advisor, Office of the Governor, State of NM
  • Rural economic development — Bob Mang, Re-Genesis Inc, Co-Founder (Retired)

12pm Break / Networking

Participants may stay in the Zoom to network and share ideas / experiences, and get to know others working in the sustainable economic development space. If you prefer to take a break, please be sure to re-join us for the afternoon presentations.

1pm National Speakers

Commissioner Debbie O’Malley, Bernalillo County Commission

US Congresswoman Melanie Stansbury

Juan Ceballos Fernandez, CEO, Credit Union Association of NM

David Levine, President American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN)

2pm Plenary Panel 3: Supporting Small Businesses and Families

  • Henry Rael, McCune Charitable Foundation
  • Affordable housing — Ona Porter, Prosperity Works
  • Access to child care — Amber Wallin, NM Voices for Children

3:30pm Adjourn

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